How to increase your profit with a Warehouse Management System

10.03.2009 - Category: Newsletter

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Economic crisis? Act!

Did you know that recession can bring unexpected growth opportunities?

In tough times, companies focus on keeping (if not raising) the profitability level. Difficult times are good opportunities for finding real alternatives for growth. Warehouse and warehouse operations are a good starting point for this purpose. Companies can improve customer satisfaction, processes, order efficiency.

Smart companies find ways to make more with less by using modern techologies.

What solutions exist to fight the crisis?

Order efficiency is closely connected to profitability indicators. You can start by improving deliveries time, complete with no errors, process that doesn't need major restructuring. If you succeed with this objective, you will improve financial indicators like operational profit or asset efficiency. The best way to reach the profitability level desired is to implement solid supply-delivery processes, by copying “best practices” with the aid of new and flexible technologies.

In times of economic growth companies invest in Warehouse Management systems (WMS) to take advantage of market growth. In recession companies invest in WMS solutions to cut down costs and to gain competitive advantages.

A well adapted WMS to the processes within a company brings clear advantages:

  • downsize of the labour costs
  • improvement in inventory and stock management
  • fewer errors in receiving and delivery processes
  • better usage of storage space
  • improved time for order delivery
  • customer satisfaction improvement.

A Warehouse Management solution uses ADC equipments – barcode printers, mobile computers, scanners, forklift-mounted computers, wireless access points for network connectivity. Data collected is transmited to the database, for reporting purposes.