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What is RFID technology?

Radiofrequency identification technology (RFID) manipulates data not through barcodes, but through electronic chips incorporated in RFID labels (tags). This information can be read on a range of a few meters through radiowaves. The use of RFID tags reduces considerably the time and cost of reading information.

Since the beginning, RFID created a lot of stirring. Over 30 years ago RFID was presented as the revolutionary technology that would change the efficiency of production lines and distribution chains. RFID made its contribution, indeed, in various proportions, to the success of big companies and large retail groups worldwide.

Today, RFID labeling on individual items is still an intention, due to high costs involved. Instead, RFID labeling of collective boxes and pallets is widely used, with great benefits that overcome investments made in equipments, training and implementation.

RFID technology becomes more and more integrated in the distribution and retail groups. Large retail companies use RFID applications for a long time now.