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Logicode - Despre Noi

Since its establishment, Logicode has positioned itself on the market as the first Romanian company specialized in barcode technology. This approach was beneficial, Logicode knowing a constant development, from year to year, with widespread use of barcodes on increasingly large scale.
At present, we position ourselves as a provider and integrator of labeling, industrial coding and automated data collection solutions. Along with market development and evolution of our company has emerged the need to strengthen our position as a specialist on several levels: the technology of barcodes, RFID technology, information technology and communications. We have succeeded through partnership agreements and certifications, completed with the quality management certificate ISO 9001:2000, which reflects the Logicode orientation towards customer and excellence.

Logicode values

The solutions that we offer are the image of our company.

People in the LOGICODE team guarantee the performance of solutions provided and also the company image on the market.

Profit is the ultimate measure of the effectiveness with which we meet customer needs. Increasing the profit we consolidate, besides market share, our prosperity.

Logicode values are:

  • Experience;
  • Qualification;
  • Quality;
  • Support.