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For a sustainable growth of our company, year after year, we are permanently seeking talented and motivated professionals, that bring their contribution to the development of the company, on a competitive and dynamic market.
The values promoted by our organization, that stand at the ground of our success are based on the experience and qualification of Logicode team, on the quality of solutions provided and on the support offered to our customers.
If you have abilities and knowledge in one of our fields of expertise, if you identify with our organizational culture, we invite you to convince yourself that Logicode team is the right place for you.

Attitude towards employees

Our pride is the people we work with. We are lucky to have employees who care! They have respect towards each other and towards the organization they work in. We understand that to maintain the quality of these relationships we have to promote continuously values like: concern, security, balance, in a human-centric approach.

Since the foundation of the company, in 1993, we were selective in choosing competences, constantly choosing professionalism, sensitive in choosing characters, open and transparent when selecting business partners, perseverent in choosing loialty, actively involved in choosing personal satisfaction.