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We provide a full range of:

  • printing equipments on self adhesive labels, product labels, carton, plastic, textile, etc.;
  • automated data collection equipments using barcodes, wireless networking and RFID technologies, for stock management applications, production monitoring, quality control, asset management, DSD (Direct Store Delivery), PoD (Proof of Delivery), PreSale, HotSale, VanSale, Sales Force Automation, Supply Chain Management;
  • networking equipments.

ADC equipments

Intermec equipments

Intermec 70 series

Intermec 70 series

Intermec 70 Series it’s a new family of ultra-rugged mobile computers, delivering unparalleled performance to maximize worker uptime and efficiency. Intermec 70 Series comprises four distinct products sharing a common platform and capabilities - CN70 (field service, transportation and logistics), CN70e (direct store delivery/route accounting), CK70 (parcel delivery in courier, express and postal operations) and CK71 (manufacturing and warehousing). All in the smallest and lightest form factors in their classes, each product is built to help businesses optimize resources to improve operational efficiency, support future growth, and deliver high customer satisfaction.

More about Intermec 70 series can be found on eLogicode.

Intermec CK3

Intermec CK3X/CK3R

For use in distribution center, manufacturing and retail operations, the CK3 Next Generation Series is comprised of two models - the CK3X and CK3R - which utilize a 1GHZ OMAP architecture to optimize workforce performance through industry-leading battery life, enhanced barcode scanning, superior device health monitoring and broad compliance for emerging industry standards such as HTML5.

More about Intermec CK3 series can be found on eLogicode: Intermec CK3X; Intermec CK3R

Honeywell equipments

Eclipse 5145

Honeywell Eclipse 5145

Honeywell’s Eclipse 5145 is a single-line, hand-held barcode scanner, a low-cost laser-based alternative to CCD scanners. Its compact form factor and high end feature set simplify its use in a variety of applications at the press of a button. Equipped with Honeywell’s patented CodeGate technology, Eclipse 5145 can be used in a wide variety of applications: menu scanning, point-of-sale, document processing and inventory control.

More about Eclipse 5145 can be found on eLogicode.

Voyager 1250g

Honeywell Voyager 1250g

Building on the legacy of the world-renowned Voyager series of scanners, Honeywell’s Voyager 1250g single-line laser scanner provides a superior out-of-box experience and aggressive reading of linear bar codes, including larger bar codes up to 23 inches away. Optimized for fast scanning of linear bar codes, including poorly printed and damaged codes, the Voyager 1250g allows enterprises to minimize manual data entry, leading to increased productivity and reduction in errors.

More about Voyager 1250g can be found on eLogicode.

Voyager 1400g

Honeywell Voyager 1400g

Voyager 1400g is the hand-held linear scanners that delivers omnidirectional reading of linear bar codes, plus the ability to affordably upgrade the device to enable PDF and 2D bar code scanning—at the time of purchase or as scanning needs evolve. Performing at speeds that are comparable to laser-based scanners, the versatile and reliable Voyager 1400g can be customized to meet current and future scanning needs, lowering the total cost of ownership.

More about Voyager 1400g can be found on eLogicode.

Xenon 1902

Honeywell Xenon 1902

Xenon 1902, Honeywell’s sixth-generation of area-imaging technology, is redefining the standard for hand-held scanners. Featuring a custom sensor that is optimized for bar code scanning, Xenon 1902 offers industry-leading performance and reliability for a wide variety of applications that require the versatility of area-imaging technology plus the freedom of Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

More about Xenon 1902 can be found on eLogicode.

Dolphin 60s

Honeywell Dolphin 60s

Dolphin 60s, a part of Honeywell’s Scanphone line, was specifically built to facilitate quick, reliable and secure access to business critical data. With real-time voice communication and data collection, this multi-purpose device will deliver consistently high levels of customer service while limiting total cost of ownership.

More about Dolphin 60s can be found on eLogicode.

Dolphin 70e

Honeywell Dolphin 70e

The Dolphin 70e is the Honeywell’s enterprise hybrid device that successfully combines the size, style and usability of a consumer device with the reliability and longevity of a traditional rugged hand-held. Along with the aesthetic details, the Dolphin 70e was also built to deliver years of reliable operation. Incorporating Corning Gorilla Glass, the device’s touch screen is exceptionally resistant to damage. The housing protects against dust and water and for added versatility, the Dolphin 70e can be operated in extreme temperatures as low as -20° C, minimizing downtime associated with conditions.

More about Dolphin 70e can be found on eLogicode.

Dolphin 7800

Honeywell Dolphin 7800

For demanding mobile workforce applications that require multiple tasks be completed in a limited amount of time, Honeywell’s Dolphin 7800 rugged enterprise digital assistant (EDA) delivers multi-purpose computing, communication, and data collection at desktop-like speed, empowering workers to get the job done, regardless of location. Honeywell Dolphin 7800 can be equipped with Windows Mobile or with Android operating system.

More about Dolphin 7800 can be found on eLogicode.

Dolphin 99EX

Honeywell Dolphin 99EX

Honeywell’s Dolphin 99EX mobile computer provides extreme durability, cutting-edge wireless technology, user-friendly ergonomics and multi-functional data capture for front-line workers operating in both indoor and outdoor environments. Purpose-built for transportation and logistics applications, the 99EX was designed to take mobile worker productivity to a new level while helping to reduce operating costs. The industrial Dolphin 99EX mobile computer has superior durability and fast and reliable wireless connectivity.

More about Dolphin 99EX can be found on eLogicode.

CipherLab equipments

CipherLab CP50

CipherLab CP50

Designed for the demanding needs of field mobility, transportation and warehousing, the CipherLab CP50 mobile computer is compactly built with a generous 2 GB memory for flexible data storage. It is also well-equipped with multiple wireless communications including 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth®, and 3.8G* HSPA+. With a rating of IP65, it is proven to resist dust and moisture. Combining these features with easily customizable programs, it truly makes CP50 an ideal tool for mobile workers who operate in harsh environments.

More about CipherLab CP50 can be found on eLogicode.

CipherLab 9200

CipherLab 9200

Being rugged and versatile, the 9200 series is designed to meet the scanning needs in transportation & logistics, and warehousing. Under the full protection of IP65 standards and 1.5 m drop resistance, it effectively captures data from even the harshest environments. The 9200 series also has strong wireless communication options that delivers reliable data in real-time, including of 3.5G HSDPA with GPS/ APGS, 802.11 a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth. Operating on a 3300 mAh battery, the 9200 series allows for long-lasting data collection. It also comes with built-in 3 megapixel camera to easily capture images for visual verification and improve productivity.

More about CipherLab 9200 can be found on eLogicode.

Terminal mobil CipherLab 8300

CipherLab 8300

For a rugged workhorse packed with features and value, the 8300 series is the best tool to carry with you. The 8300 series combines barcode reader options with accurate data capture, optional RFID, robust computing, and software flexibility in a cost-competitive package that will accelerate material movement and boost worker efficiency. Wireless LAN models support real-time inventory control by instantly connecting with your servers through your wireless network. There's nothing like the 8300 series to put accuracy, efficiency, and value in your hand.

More about CipherLab 8300 can be found on eLogicode.

Terminal mobil CipherLab 8000

CipherLab 8000

The best things come in small packages-that's why you can expect incredible productivity and great value from the 8000 series. Our pocket-sized mobile computers put fast, accurate barcode scanning and wireless communications options in your hands (and your pocket) to accelerate product ordering, item picking, route accounting, and other AIDC activities. Durable design and low cost mean you reap a lot of value over a long time-at a minimal investment. For such a small package, there's nothing like the 8000 Series to cost-effectively make your work easy and efficient.

More about CipherLab 8000 can be found on eLogicode.

Motorola equipments

Motorola MC75

Motorola MC75

Motorola MC75, one of the world’s premium EDAs, offers more features and functionality, in a field-proven rugged form factor, than any other device in its class. This equipment addresses business critical mobility needs by maximizing processing power, rugged design, application flexibility, data capture capabilities, connectivity options, security and manageability — all in one device.

More about Motorola MC75 can be found on eLogicode.

Motorola MC2100

Motorola MC2100 series

From the sales floor to the backroom, the Motorola MC2100 Series Mobile Computer has what it takes to affordably automate the capture of inventory data right at the point of work. And while the MC2100 is value priced, you get many features usually found in more expensive mobile computers. You can count on best-in-class processing power, rugged design, superior ergonomics, flexible data capture options, enterprise-grade push-to-talk (PTT), centralized management and the ability to create cross-platform, operating system-agnostic applications.

More about Motorola MC2100 series can be found on eLogicode.

Motorola MC55

Motorola MC55

Pure business on the inside and smart styling on the outside, the MC55A0 rugged enterprise mobile computer lets your workers access business applications, scan bar codes, snap a photo, view a video and place a private or push-to-talk call to virtually anyone in your facility – all with a single device.

More about Motorola MC55 can be found on eLogicode.