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We developed a complete services portfolio so that the beneficiaries of Logicode ADC solutions are able to use them at full capabilities. Logicode solutions will be implemented according to the specific of your business, your budget limit and IT environment. The Logicode project team will work closer to your team in order to determine the exact requirements for the specific objectives. They will recommend a complete solution (Hardware & Software & Services) at a minimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The structure of our services covers all the steps in implementing a solution, from requirements analysis and application design to solution configuration, deployment and users training. We also provide maintenance by a range of post-implementation services for the equipments we provide, for their entire life.

The over 20-year experience with barcode, RFID and communication technologies recommends us as a trusted partner. The know-how of Logicode professionals makes possible to structure our range of services in well defined, customer-oriented categories.


The Logicode technical team is ready to answer all your questions by phone or by HelpDesk - the online assistance service available at https://helpdesk.logicode.info/

Why use the HelpDesk?

  • Because you will benefit from prompt and fast problem solving, the tasks being assigned according to priorities and workload (the first available service engineer is assigned)
  • Because by writing your technical issues on the HelpDesk you will be permanently aware of the problem solving process status
  • Because it is a free service, with no costs (opposite to the phone assistance)
  • Because you have access anytime to the history of your technical issues