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We offer solutions that subscribe to the category of Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions. Using information technology we develop solutions that automate processes and activities of the companies operating in the supply-chain (producers of raw materials and finished products, suppliers, transporters, distributors, retailers, and so on). The utility of these solutions consists in providing to each company access to the latest and most accurate information concerning traceability, the movement of goods both in the company’s internal processes and in the chain of production-distribution-market.

The need for integration of key business processes, from the end user to the supplier of raw materials represents the essence of the Supply Chain Management concept. The key processes relate to: customer/supplier relationship management, demand management, order processing, production tracking, product delivery, returns management.

The efficiency of the overall supply-chain translates into a movement of goods between production point and consumption, achieved in the shortest possible time and with the lowest costs.

Industry solutions:
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ADC solutions

ADC (Automated Data Collection) solutions are a mix of hardware equipments and software applications that collect and process data from all the business processes in a company (production, storage, sales, etc.). ADC systems use an infrastructure of various equipments, from computers, fixed or mobile terminals, RFID terminals, to different types of barcode scanners. Our ADC solutions have the purpose of providing accurate information to fully benefit from software applications like ERP, WMS, SFA, DSD, etc. ADC solutions provide to these applications accurate and real time data by using barcode and/or RFID technology.

The technology based on radio frequencies – RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology of the future that gains more and more ground. It is based on data collection and communication using a transceiver (chip or RFID tag), attached or incorporated in a product, that becomes identifiable by radio waves.

The components of an ADC solutions are: coding, collecting, connecting and data conversion. The coding function is the part that provides system "exits", in labels that contain data incorporated in barcodes or RFID. The collecting function is the part that provides data entry into the ADC system. The connecting function is the interface between the ADC solution and the software application that will receive the data. The conversion function provides data for the software applications that will be processed. Data processing, the main purpose of any software application is basically a conversion of primary data in useful information.

ADC equipments