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We developed a complete services portfolio so that the beneficiaries of Logicode ADC solutions are able to use them at full capabilities. Logicode solutions will be implemented according to the specific of your business, your budget limit and IT environment. The Logicode project team will work closer to your team in order to determine the exact requirements for the specific objectives. They will recommend a complete solution (Hardware & Software & Services) at a minimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The structure of our services covers all the steps in implementing a solution, from requirements analysis and application design to solution configuration, deployment and users training. We also provide maintenance by a range of post-implementation services for the equipments we provide, for their entire life.

The over 20-year experience with barcode, RFID and communication technologies recommends us as a trusted partner. The know-how of Logicode professionals makes possible to structure our range of services in well defined, customer-oriented categories.


The support services are post-implementation services. They include service agreements and preventive maintenance.

Service agreements

Standard warranty for equipments covers only production faults or components flaws. Service contracts like Service Level Agreements - SLA Assure and SLA Complete, besides covering faults, also cover usage and components malfunction. Service contracts SLA Complete offer more than SLA Assure in a way that includes full warranty for damages that occur while using the equipments in their working environment.

On-depot service

You have an option for receiving repaired equipments in 2 or 5 days. The on-depot service agreement includes the SLA complete services if signed in advance, for a period of 3 years.

The Service Level Agreement brings you savings compared to the costs of incidental repairs. On the entire contract lifetime the repair prices stay the same, so you can plan ahead a realistic budget. Moreover, for SLA Assure contracts, we will support the costs with returning to you the repaired equipments. You will also benefit for free by preventive maintenance or software upgrade services, when equipments go through a complete repair cycle. The technical support is also free for SLA Assure contracts.

Standard warranty for repairs on-depot is 30 days.

On-site service

This type of contract offers a variety of services, according to customer needs.

On-site service contracts can be Gold or Platinum. The Platinum contract guarantees a 1-day intervention time from the date of incident, while Gold contract guarantees a 2-day intervention time. Both contracts assure that the equipments used in critical business processes will be immediately repaired or replaced, by request.

Immediate replacement

Silver service contract guarantees the replacement of the broken equipment in 1 day, with a back-up equipment owned by the customer. The broken equipment will be repaired in 5 working days and returned to the customer.

In order to have access to this type of service (replacement of the broken equipment from the back-up stock), the acquisition must be over 100 units of the same equipment. We recommend that the back-up stock is at least 5-15% of the total number of units, depending on the usage environment and other operational factors. The customer must return the broken equipment at Logicode headquarters in 5 working days since the receiving of the replacement equipment.

SLA Complete

SLA Complete service contract offers more than SLA Assure on-depot service contract: 3 years of service at a fixed rate, while the customer doesn't have to worry anymore if the warranty covers the repair.

The services covered by the SLA Complete contract are different from the services covered by standard contracts. The standard contracts cover only faults of component parts, while SLA Complete covers also faults caused by working environment.

Other support services

Besides service contracts, Logicode provides other types of support, like preventive maintenance or per incident repair.

Preventive maintenance

This service prevents minor problems to become major problems.

On a periodic basis, Logicode service technicians will pay visits on-site to evaluate the state of the equipment, monitor function mode and make preventive maintenance. This service is useful if the customer has a large number of units spread in various locations.

Per incident repair

Incidental repairs are made on equipments not covered by a service contract, at a fixed rate, no matter the nature of repair. Logicode technicians will give their best efforts so that the repair time is less than 15 working days.

In normal conditions, the equipment manufacturers offer support for their equipments for a period of minimum 3 years after the equipment is End of Build. This support period can be longer if the market will continue to provide spare parts.