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We developed a complete services portfolio so that the beneficiaries of Logicode ADC solutions are able to use them at full capabilities. Logicode solutions will be implemented according to the specific of your business, your budget limit and IT environment. The Logicode project team will work closer to your team in order to determine the exact requirements for the specific objectives. They will recommend a complete solution (Hardware & Software & Services) at a minimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The structure of our services covers all the steps in implementing a solution, from requirements analysis and application design to solution configuration, deployment and users training. We also provide maintenance by a range of post-implementation services for the equipments we provide, for their entire life.

The over 20-year experience with barcode, RFID and communication technologies recommends us as a trusted partner. The know-how of Logicode professionals makes possible to structure our range of services in well defined, customer-oriented categories.

Professional services:

Specialized implementation

When implementing data collection technology on a large scale, at multiple locations, customers need to ask themselves whether they have the internal resources to execute the project effectively. Can the customer afford to divert internal staff focus from critical business functions? How will data collection devices be configured, staged, shipped to various locations ready to go, and precisely on schedule? How will the customer’s users learn new processes and operational procedures? Is there provision for effective software and application documentation? Who is going to manage the thousands of details involved in a large scale rollout?

Solution analysis

Customer requirements are carefully analyzed for an optimum configuration of the solution to be delivered. Logicode sales and technical specialists will provide consultancy services so that the customer gets the best solution. The aspects analyzed reffer to necessary equipments, software applications, production process, environment, connectivity.

System integration

În situaţia în care compania-client doreşte să integreze echipamente de pe linia de producţie cu dispozitive sau aplicaţii software specifice, echipa tehnică Logicode deţine know-how-ul şi experienţa necesare pentru a oferi serviciile de integrare de sistem. Punctul de plecare este analiza sistemului terţ (hardware, software, mecanic), efectuată cu asistenţa clientului.

Special Engineering

This service refers to the design of special accessories needed for the proper function of implemented applications. Special Engineering is useful when there is a special working environment or a specific production line.

Project management

Logicode project management team handles the details of a large-scale, multi-site technology rollout, allowing the customer’s staff to focus on day-to-day business-critical activities.

While many customers are learning that implementing real-time data collection through a variety of new and evolving technologies can greatly improve productivity, efficiency, and bottom line performance, few companies have the experience, skills or resources readily available in house to implement these technologies. Logicode addresses those concerns by managing each step of a technology implementation project on the customer’s behalf. Project management services provide a single point of contact for all technology implementation-related requirements, logistics, and communications. The project manager will define the scope of the project, provide technology implementation planning, prepare Statements of Work and other documentation, develop project objectives and schedules, identify acceptance procedures and handle other details that might otherwise elude users without extensive implementation project experience.

Application documentation

This service provides the necessary guides and users' manuals for training and reference.

Application documentation helps ensure that performance levels of new systems achieved at launch are sustainable over time.

RFID implementation

The implementation step of an RFID application is critical for its success. The reality is, even for an apparently uncomplicated implementation of this technology, there are literally hundreds of variables which need to be analyzed and taken into account. The successful management of the physics of RFID (for instance, the physical characteristics of radio waves, materials, and the surface consistency of those materials), is absolutely critical for system success, not to mention optimal system performance. The best-designed, most robust RFID devices cannot perform optimally within a particular environment unless they have been configured, tuned and installed particularly for that environment and its related variables.

Feasibility analysis

This analysis is made to evaluate fast and with no risks if the RFID technology is feasible for the specific working environment and if it can bring the desired benefits.

This service comes with the 18-month RFID performance warranty, assuring the customer that the implemented system will function properly.

Process analysis

This service helps customers make the best and safest decisions regarding RFID technology as a support for their business processes.

Process analysis is accompanied by the 18-month RFID performance warranty, assuring the customer that the implemented system will function properly.

Site analysis

Site analysis is conducted in order to confirm that the recommended RFID specifications can be effectively implemented in that specific working environment.

This service comes with the 18-month RFID performance warranty, assuring the customer that the implemented system will function properly.

Site installation

The site installation is critical because it "locks down" the RFID technology according to methods recommended during the site analysis, but only if the devices as installed work effectively in support of the criteria for successful system performance as proposed by a pre-site examination process analysis.

If it is true that the devices – even when attached or installed according to specifications – do not perform as expected, then some adjustments will have to be made to the site analysis recommendations, if not to any process analysis or business case which may have been developed for the project. On the other hand, if the technology does perform to or beyond customer expectations when installed, a site installation provides certified sign-off of the system to the customer at those specified performance levels.

This service comes with the 18-month RFID performance warranty, assuring the customer that the implemented system will function properly.

RFID performance warranty

The RFID warranty gives assurance that the implemented RFID system will work at optimum parameters.

The 18-month performance warranty is possible due to the fact that an RFID system implementation is finalized only when the system works at optimum parameters. Process analysis, site analysis and installation are 3-stage processes. After each one a confirmation or a feedback must be received if adjustments must be made, until the system functions properly.

Vehicle installation

For trucks and forklifts, Logicode provides professional vehicle installation services, so that fix-mount data collection devices can be effectively integrated into customer fleets.

Truck installation

This service provides installation of fix-mount data collection equipments in truck cabins, making drivers' work easier. It brings increased system performance and ROI quantifiable benefits.

Forklift installation

By mounting RFID read/write capability on forklifts, end-users are able to reduce the data processing dependencies and expense associated with the purchase and installation of permanent reader portals at dock doors and other choke points.

This service comes with the 18-month RFID performance warranty, assuring the customer that the implemented system will function properly.

Wireless LAN services

We provide Cisco equipments for WLAN networks in complex RF, WLAN or telephone applications.

WLAN site survey

The customers will benefit from Logicode specialists experience in wireless networks.

A WLAN site survey determines the optimal number, placement, and configuration of access points to provide the required radio frequency (RF) coverage in the desired areas of the customer's facility. The key factor for the success of a wireless network is the absence of radiowaves interference. That is why specialists play a major role at equipment installation. Complex, radio frequency-rich multi-story, multi-building, multi-campus environments such as industrial production facilities, retail and office complexes, freight-handling facilities and distribution centers offer particular challenges to the uninterrupted wireless flow of critical data.

WLAN site certification

This service confirms the conclusions drawn in the site analysis stage. If an existing WLAN network must be extended to support more applications or to corespond to new requirements, then professionals are recommended to certify the installation and make sure the new coverage supports more applications or large data packages transfers.

WLAN site assessment

Wireless environments change over time. Even if the network remains the same, minor changes can affect its performance, like new radiowave interferences.

It is important to evaluate the security of the wireless network, to be protected from possible security attacks. If the network doesn't operate at optimum efficiency level, you will lose time and money.

WLAN site installation

WLAN site installation is done with great precision and attention to details, in order to fulfill the requested coverage and performance requirements. Together with WLAN site analysis, these services provide network performance.

Mobile application development

Logicode software team provides software application development services.

Application analysis and design

Our software analysts will assist you with the initial design of the mobile application. We will make a specification list, as well as a business logic analysis, before continuing with the graphical interface design (GUI).

Customized application development

Customers that need a software application specific for their business needs will work together with Logicode software developers. The software development process is certified ISO 9001:2000, which sets the grounds for quality. We use the most recent Microsoft .NET Framework technology to create software components for object-oriented applications. We are aware of the challenges of mobile applications, related to energy consumption of mobile devices, memory usage, database optimization, communication and design of graphical interface. We have solid experience in barcode technology, wireless communication and RFID.

Application testing

Mobile application development requires systematical and rigorous testing. ISO 9001:2000 certification guarantees that software development process respects clear and consistent procedures, so that the mobile application satisfies all customer requirements.

Software project management

The key to success for developing a good application is always a solid project management. Logicode software team applies standard procedures for custom application development as in the case of standard software applications. Project management means resource management and development process planning so that the project respects a certain timeframe and budget. The project manager constantly monitors the technical performance of the team and compares the results with the plan. He also manages the risks and changes that occur during project evolution and tries to keep the balance between time, resources and costs.

Software consultancy

The 20-year experience of Logicode specialists in the field of mobile applications offers us a unique position. The partnerships with leading ADC equipment manufacturers gives us access to support and development resources that allow us to develop performant solutions to complex technical problems. These partnerships give us early access to last generation technologies, like RFID.

We offer services packages with various complexity degrees, from assistance on specific issues to several years service contracts.

Software application migration

We are able to help you when you have to migrate software applications on other devices or operating systems. Technological changes appear at a much faster rate, making difficult to create positive return on investment. We help you protect your investment by migrating applications from old to new platforms. Our specialists will help you migrate from DOS to Windows Mobile, or from an older version of Pocket PC to the latest Windows Mobile, or from a hardware producer to another.

Optimization and troubleshooting

This service is tailored for the customers that need assistance for improving the efficiency of their applications or for solving difficult technical problems. You will get assistance for: database optimization, memory management, graphical interface optimization or peripheral devices integration.

RFID software

RFID technology implementation and integration in the current application system requires infrastructure changes. Software changes are needed for data capture devices that collect, filter and transmit data in the back-end system. Logicode specialists have experience in RFID application integration with the existing infrastructure of mobile devices.

Extended software assistance

This service targets customers that need extended support for a longer period of time. We have dedicated specialists in our team, at your service, that will coordinate the assistance. Every extended software assistance agreement is customized to customer's needs.

The service has 2 components: reactive services (specific issues solving, bug fixing, service agreements) and proactive services (new functionalities, extensions of covered services, complete system support, updated documentation, training on the supplementary functionalities developed, new technologies integration, migration to new hardware or operating systems).

Rapid Start program

This program is addressed to customers that are experienced in software development, but are not familiar with mobile software applications. A typical Rapid Start program begins with a 3-5 days training on development libraries and specific of mobile application development on Intermec equipments. The training refers to energy management, memory, database, peripherals integration, differences between operating systems versions, communication, printing and data capture. Also, mobile application development best practices will be introduced to the trainees.

Logicode specialists will provide consultancy for application logic optimization, database development, graphical interface, database file format, communication strategy, or RFID integration.

After the training (at customer's location), a number of hours will be reserved for phone assistance, in order to answer rapidly the questions posed by the customer's software team.

Software application development


The customer will request this service when an extension to several equipments is needed to an existing application, application functionalities remain unchanged. Also, an extension could be the connection of multiple devices.


The customization of an existing application is based on the specification list done by the customer. The changes can be related to production process changes (printed message on the product package, number of codings per time unit, etc.).

Software as a service

The solutions from Logicode portfolio (coding, labeling or mobility solutions) can be rented for a specific period of time, for a specific need, like inventory, for example. Logicode will provide the complete solution (equipments, software application), as well as assisting personnel, so that you can use the solution immediately. The only cost is the rental cost for the time period, all the other aspects of solution deployment being our concern.