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We offer solutions that subscribe to the category of Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions. Using information technology we develop solutions that automate processes and activities of the companies operating in the supply-chain (producers of raw materials and finished products, suppliers, transporters, distributors, retailers, and so on). The utility of these solutions consists in providing to each company access to the latest and most accurate information concerning traceability, the movement of goods both in the company’s internal processes and in the chain of production-distribution-market.

The need for integration of key business processes, from the end user to the supplier of raw materials represents the essence of the Supply Chain Management concept. The key processes relate to: customer/supplier relationship management, demand management, order processing, production tracking, product delivery, returns management.

The efficiency of the overall supply-chain translates into a movement of goods between production point and consumption, achieved in the shortest possible time and with the lowest costs.

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The challenges of the retail sector are many and reflect companies struggle to reduce costs, while lowering margins and trying to find new, cheaper and more efficient ways to manage stock inventory. In these conditions the adoption of new technologies is a means for accelerating ROI (Return On Investment) and reducing operational costs.

Logicode solutions bring the performance that improves retail operations, stock management and customer service. The family of rugged equipments (mobile computers and RFID systems) helps the achievement of new performance levels across the supply chain. The major advantage of RFID technology, compared to other methods of data collection is the simultaneous reading of product tags, no matter where the tag is positioned on the package. This means RFID systems can be automated on a large scale, eliminating the need for manual scanning.

Applications implemented in retail stores relate to: labeling, in-transit visibility, receiving, inventory, delivery and other warehouse operations, field service, direct delivery, store operations, returns management, transfer between stores.