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We provide a full range of:

  • printing equipments on self adhesive labels, product labels, carton, plastic, textile, etc.;
  • automated data collection equipments using barcodes, wireless networking and RFID technologies, for stock management applications, production monitoring, quality control, asset management, DSD (Direct Store Delivery), PoD (Proof of Delivery), PreSale, HotSale, VanSale, Sales Force Automation, Supply Chain Management;
  • networking equipments.


barcode labels


There are two types of labels, depending on the printing technology: direct thermal and thermal transfer. We provide product & package labels, textile or self adhesive labels. The materials for labels are diverse, from carton and plastic, to textile or paper.


Thermal transfer ribbons

There are three types of ribbons: wax, wax & resin, or only resin. For the most cases, the ribbons have black colour (but they can be coloured as well, for colour coding). The ribbons are perfect for coding on a wide range of materials, and the coding lasts for a longer time compared to coding without using ribbons. This is why ribbons are used when labels must withstand in tough environments.